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what my clients are saying

Michael Fleischner

Founder, Big Fin SEO

"I've had the privilege of working with Pat Cooper on numerous SEO projects. I find his work to be incredibly comprehensive and thorough. Pat takes the time to understand the your digital landscape, learn about your business, and articulate his process to optimize your website. Pat takes the time to audit your website and explain how best to prioritize SEO tasks and processes. Since working with Pat, we have seen significant increases in keyword rankings and performance indicators. Pat's discipline has resulted in well optimized websites that continue to generate high levels of organic traffic. I would highly recommend Pat to anyone who is looking to improve their SEO. Not only are the results amazing, but Pat is great to work with. He offers transparency into his work and is very patient."

Jan Scott

Co-Founder, Windrose World Retreats

"Pat is an SEO guru genius - had great ideas for tapping into our niche matched with powerful SEO knowledge that helped us move up, up, up through the social media seas. His patience and personality are worth their weight when it comes to revisions and changes in direction. A smart and genuinely kind human being - and isn't that the winning combination we all want in business?"

Shannon Corcoran
Operations Manager, Cocuzzo Enterprises

Pat did a wonderful job ! Very good at understanding what we needed and help our ideas come to life!

Paul Bodine

Founder, Admitify

"Pat conducted a marketing strategy analysis for our company. His questions in the initial phase developed our market focus, and he was generous throughout with his knowledge, insights, and recommendations. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Pat and strongly recommend him!"

Heather Boschke

Marketing Director, F3 Wireless

"Pat was a great resource and very helpful through the SEO audit and implementation. He was an awesome partner that I relied on through the process. Pat's communication and style were equally as impressive as his SEO skills. I would work with him again and recommend him without hesitation!!!"

Anup Mehta

Founder, 30 Minute Chat

"Pat is, in short, amazing. From the off it was clear that he knew his stuff but, crucially, knew how to tailor his extensive knowledge to my startup's situation. This resulted in actionable practical advice for the short, medium and long-term. Through the process he's helped me clarify the direction for my project and, most importantly, he's a great guy! Very much hoping to work with him again."

Clare Liberis

Business Development Manager, Threatpost

"Pat was a pleasure to work with at Threatpost. He quickly ramped up and has become an integral member of the team, always willing to take on the next project. Great team player who takes initiative when required. His easy-going, sensible approach to problem solving makes working with him a breeze."

Holly Milton

Founder, The Lemon Fox

"Hire Pat for your project! He is quick to respond and courteous. He made sure he understood my project and what I was looking for. Fast completion of my job and done right the first time! So glad I hired Pat—you should hire him too. You’ll be glad you did 😉"

Thomas Spring

Editor-in-Chief, Threatpost

"Rock Star! Sorry to see him go. He stuck with project after project and really made a huge difference in what we did and how we did it. If you get the chance hire him in an instant - you wont regret it."

Eric Walden

Founder, Awfully Good Records

"Pat quickly delivered a complete site audit and some great recommendations to maximize results from new content."
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